Get Rewarded for Gaming and Giving

Being a frequent gamer/giver has its rewards. You can earn splashcash, move up in the giving game and become a big time philanthropist.

You get ten splashcash dunkos for each dunk.

Dunk ten times and you’re a Dunker with all the status that comes with it.

20 Dunks –  Donor

40 Dunks –  Dunk Master

60 Dunks – Grand Dunker

80 Dunks – Super Dunker

100 Dunks – Super Soaker

500 Dunks – Grand Donnie

But wait.  As if being a member of Donnie Nation, earning an impressive title and having  bundles of splashcash isn’t enough, there’s more. Once you get to be a Grand Donnie and philanthropist extraordinaire, you can use your accumulated Donnie fortune to buy land, houses and waterfront in beautiful faraway Dunkonia, Donnie’s legendary ancestral home. The prices are unbelievable—500 dunkos will get you an acre of untouched Dunkonian forest for example. It’s like playing Dunkopoly, but our idea is that giving is a game. So be a player.  Move up in the game and buy land, houses and waterfront in faraway, untouched Dunkonia and help others while doing it.

50 dunkos – an acre of untouched Dunkonian forest.

100 dunkos – 10 acres.

200 dunkos – 20 acres and a half mile of waterfront.

500 dunkos – 100 acres and a private lake.

1000 dunkos – 500 acre private estate with a lake, a stream and a mile of waterfront.

2000 dunkos –  enough territory for a small country, national park or nature preserve.

Support local giving and become a Dunkonian landowner, ruler or overlord. Every time you dunk, we keep track and send you the splashcash and certificate you’ve earned.