Rainier Valley Food Bank Dunkathon


The First-Ever Rainier Valley Food Bank Dunkathon

Dunk.Donate. Do some good.

Dunk Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and others in an online dunk tank for fun and philanthropy. It’s Angry Birds with a social purpose.

Start with ten dunks for a dollar to raise money for the Rainier Valley Food Bank. You can support other charities, as well.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in.
  3. Choose a charity (Rainier Valley Food Bank).
  4. Choose someone to dunk (Trump, Palin, Carson, etc.)
  5. Throw the ball and…


You’ve just had fun and helped someone. Do it again and again.

The idea is the whole valley, as a group, starts playing a game called DonnieDunko for the benefit of others. How cool is that!

Play the game and pass it on to five friends for sure. That way it will spread quickly. Soon an army of Rainier Valley player/philanthropists will be dunking and donating for a cause.

So if you care about Rainier Valley and people who are hungry, click here…

We’re also on Twitter and Facebook so please follow us and pass us along. 

Every time you or a friend hear a splash the Rainier Valley Food Bank gets some cash!