Play the Game

There’s an endless supply of people who deserve a dunking. We’ve selected a variety of them and put them onto our Current Dunkees page for their misdeeds. If there is someone you want to dunk who isn’t on the list just email us.

How To Play


  1. Make sure sound is on.
  2. If Credits are available proceed to step 4.
  3. Make your donation using the PayPal button above the game.
  4. Choose a charity from the dropdown in the game.
  5. Choose a character:
    1. Click or tap the Dunk Ours button and choose from the dropdown or
    2. Upload your own by clicking or tapping on the Dunk Your Own button, then follow the instructions.
  6. Use your cursor (or finger on a mobile device) to throw or drag the ball to the target. Keep trying until you hit it. When you do, your character will drop into the drink with a big splash.
  7. You get 3 dunks for a dollar. When that number is reached you can still dunk our Villain for free, or donate more to get more credits.

Worried that you might miss? Not a problem. It only counts when you soak the character by hitting the target.  So keep on trying and trying until you get it right.  Not satisfied yet? Keep dunking until you are.  Still haven’t got enough revenge or made your point? Keep on playing over and over until you do!

All transactions are secure and processed through Paypal. Most of each transaction goes toward a charity so you are supporting a good cause! Why don’t you Play Now? The money, 100 percent of it after expenses, goes to the charity you selected. So by having fun, you’re helping others.  That’s the idea behind Donnie Dunko.