Other Cities

Wherever you are Donnie is there too, ready to help. Click on the city nearest you for fast, easy fundraising.

New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Atlanta.

There are three ways Donnie can help you raise funds:

If you are an individual

  • Pick a listed charity you like and play on your own to support them.
  • Want to have a favorite charity listed? Let us know and we will check it out.

If you are a nonprofit

  • Contact us to get listed. Once approved, all you have to do is let your members know and encourage them to play the game. That’s it.
  • You can be passive and let members play on their own or you can be active and do a campaign, sending emails and encouraging everyone to play for a month or on a certain day or to dunk a certain character or group of characters.
  • You can dunk any of our characters or we can create special characters tied to your cause. We can also send you copy and graphics to help you get your members excited.
  • You will remain listed on the site indefinitely meaning your active or passive donation cash flow will go on indefinitely and can be periodically recharged with an email notice or appeal.

If you are already a philanthropist or celebrity or business with a large social media following and support your own or other charities

  • All you really have to do is get excited about Donnie yourself. Get your charities listed and let your followers know about it. Donnie sells itself. Just getting the word out on social media about it will be a gold mine for the charities you support.
  • List yourself or your own charity, let your followers know and Donnie will do the rest. You can then disburse the income yourself.
  • Become a sponsor or networking partner with Donnie to help spread the game quickly to causes that need help. Together we can come up with fun new ways to make Donnie work. How about a benefit Splashfest of your friends and peers? Contact us for more info.