Dunk Friends and Family

Increase your fun and philanthropy by uploading friends, family, co-workers or just about anyone you love or love to hate. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure sound is on.
  2. If Credits are available proceed to step 4.
  3. Make your donation using the PayPal button above the game.
  4. Choose a charity from the dropdown in the game.
  5. Have a 128px square photo of the person’s face ready.
  6. Click or tap on the Dunk Your Own button, then follow the instructions to upload the face and choose a body.
  7. Use your cursor (or finger on a mobile device) to throw or drag the ball to the target. Keep trying until you hit it. When you do, your character will drop into the drink with a big splash.
  8. You get 10 dunks for a dollar. When that number is reached you can still dunk our Villain for free, or donate more to get more credits.