The Idea Behind Donnie Dunko


DonnieDunko, the grassroots game for giving, is an online fundraising game developed by Grassroots Games, a not-just-for-profit social purpose company. Our mission is to help raise money for worthy causes. We are in the business of collecting money to give it away.   To do that, we put the immense power and popularity of gaming and its millions of fans behind the funding efforts of  hundreds of global, national and local organizations. It’s a new idea and we’re excited about it. Given the need for funding support in the world, we believe everyone can and must become a philanthropist. But you don’t have to be a millionaire to become one. Almost everyone can give a little. All you have to do to give is play our little game. A million gamers strong we become our own millionaire. That’s the philosophy of DonnieDunko.

We like to think of our supporters as Donnie Nation, an army of gamer-giver-philanthropists. People who get it, who understand the importance of giving even in a small way.  A million or more strong, we join in common cause to support worthwhile organizations, large and small, help right wrongs, support necessary change and confront issues like immigration injustice, the prison system, racial and other inequality, the environment, poverty–the list goes on. Donnie is fun and gives online gaming a new meaning. Think Angry Birds with a social purpose. If a few  misbehaving screw-ups get  dunked for a good cause, then what could be more fitting and satisfying?

We began with the idea of helping a few underserved struggling nonprofits in Seattle’s Rainier Valley.  But with the need so great, the Internet so powerful and the idea so appealing, we thought why not do it everywhere? We quickly expanded beyond that to include other important efforts across the nation, like prison reform, the environment, civil rights and clean water. A lot of the nonprofits we’d like to help are small and under the radar. To make sure they’re taken care of, we’ve begun our own nonprofit, The Donnie Fund, which will focus on small local nonprofits and struggling families across the nation. We are grassroots and growing. So while Donnie has begun in Seattle, Donnie is a vision and an idea. We are everywhere and will continue to add small and large local nonprofits in every major city to our list of those we support. Soon there will be a New York  Donnie, a San Francisco Donnie and so on, just like Craigslist. To do that we need your help. Tell us about a struggling nonprofit in your area that might like to make money dunking a celebrity or two.  We will help you set it up.

We want as much money as possible to go to the nonprofits we support. That’s why we’re doing this. But an effort this large does take money, so here’s the deal. All donations go directly to a PayPal account set up for each supported organization, then the money gets sent monthly to the organization. After modest expenses for site maintenance and Paypal, one hundred percent of what you donate through gaming goes to the charity of your choice. Right now we think expenses will be about 30 percent,  with 10 percent to PayPal (yikes!), and 20 percent to Grassroots Games, out of which we pay salaries, developers, hosting and a hundred other expenses. We hope we’re realistic—things cost a lot—but that’s our pledge. Not bad either. Some nonprofits get only 20 to 30 percent of what is raised and with us, the more money raised the greater the percentage that can go to nonprofits.

We made it easy.  It’s simple, fast and free. Doesn’t cost you anything. Nothing to set up. You really don’t have to do anything except get listed and tell your supporters about it and the money  (ha ha) will just keep rolling in. Well, it will be a new painless no-brainer added revenue stream any way.

That’s our story. We’re off on a great adventure. Our mission statement is helping others. We want to grow a culture of gamers and givers that get things done. Donnie makes being a philanthropist, giving what you can and feeling like a billionaire easy, fast and fun. We invite you to come along and be a part of Donnie Nation. You become a member by playing the game. Are you in or out? We think helping others through gaming is an idea whose time has come. Let’s go for it.